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Life and Work Integration

I help Bridge them

Thank you for visiting my website.  I am here to help and guide you to create an amazing Work and Life Integrated Work Place Environment. If you are an employee, let your HR/Corporate Culture/Benefits department personnel know about my website.  If you are in charge of this,  connect with me.

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Laughter Yoga session is what I recommend as a starter at your work place. 

No yoga mats or special clothing required.  A session could be held with min. of 6 and up to as many as your space could hold.  The more participants, the more beneficial because laughter brings people together and creates a totally different bonding among the participants! 

It comes with many health benefits such as:

  *  More energies

  *  Boosting the immune system

  *  Reducing stress level

  *  Increasing the circulation

  *  Creating a sense of well-being just to name a few. 

The regular session is 45-60 minutes long, however, the short session of 15 minutes is also beneficial to shift the energy level, refresh the mood and the brain.

            Kazuyo L.E. Shimokawabe

  • Work and Life Integration Consultant
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
  • Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
  • Intuitive Eating Coach
  • Certified Living Foods Educator
  • Lifestyle Modification Coach

Hydration is Key to Wellness

Laughter Helps Reduce Stress

Releases Blocked Energies and Pent-Up Emotions